You are brewing beer!

Congratulations! It is the early 1800's. You inherited a beer factory and a modest starting capital of 100.000 dollars. It has been decomissioned for a few years, and it is now up to you to get things running again and build a fortune of one million dollars. As soon as possible, evidently. You are responsible for production and sales planning in the beer brewery. Every week, you will have to make a new planning.

You will have to plan how much raw materials (grain, hop and yeast) you want to buy and what price you are prepared to offer. Market prices are subject to seasonal influences: Summer time prices are the lowest. If you offer a price that is too low, you will not be able to buy the raw materials. If you offer prices above the market price, the sellers will gratefully take advantage of you and accept your offer. If you buy more than can be held in your storage, any excessive quantity will be lost.

In order to produce beer from your raw materials you have three production lines available. For each line you have to plan how many hours you will use this line to produce beer.

Finally, you will have to determin the sales price for your finished product. If you are too expensive, you will sell less. If your storage for beer overflows, all produced excess beer will be lost.

After all that, you hand your planning to the guys of production and sales and sit back and wait for the week's result.

When planning, please take into account the influences of the seasons: In summer: And of couse, in winter it is quite the opposite.

Good luck! Start brewing!

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